Adding a Group

If a form contains a lot of fields, you can make the form more readable by grouping related fields. You can add a group box to the form and then move the items you want to group into it.

To add a group box to a form, do the following:

1 In the Custom Form Editor window, click Item, Group Box. The group box appears in the custom form.

2 Drag the group box to the location you want in the form.

3 To resize the group box, drag one of its edges or corners.

4 To change the text that appears at the top of the group box, double-click the group box. The Item Information dialog box appears. Type the new label in the Text box.

5 Move any other items you want into the group box. to ra .n o

To save your new form, click File, Save. You cannot name the form from the Custom Form Editor, but you can do so in Microsoft Project in the Customize Forms dialog box. To return to Microsoft Project, click File, Exit.

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