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All projects can be associated with a title, subject, author, manager, and other information. When you add project summary information to your project, you are adding levels of detail that can be used for reports and searches. For example, if you search for a project's author and the author has indeed been identified for a project, that project is returned as a result of the search. You can also use these fields when creating customized reports. For example, if you want to create a set of reports about projects managed by a specific project manager, the Manager field needs to be completed for each project.

To add project summary information to your project, do the following:

1 Click File, Properties.

The Properties dialog box appears (see Figure 29-4).

Figure 29-4. Information you add to the Properties dialog box can be used in reports and searches.

2 If necessary, click the Summary tab.

3 Enter any summary information in the fields provided; for example, Title, Subject, Author, Manager, and Company.

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