Accepting Updates from Team Members

Just as you publish information to the project server for team members, they publish information to communicate with you as well. You can review the information they're submitting on the Project Web Access Updates page and decide whether to accept and incorporate it into your project plan.

There are three types of information that team members typically submit to the project server for you to accept and incorporate:

Rejected assignments When you publish new assignments to the project server, the next time team members log on to Project Web Access, they see their assignments in their Timesheet view or Gantt Chart in the Tasks view. If necessary, team members can reject an assignment. You see any rejected assignments on your Updates page. Team members can also add a note, which is particularly useful for explaining why they have to reject the assignment.

New self-assigned tasks From Project Web Access, team members can create new tasks, assign themselves to them, and submit them to the project server for inclusion in the project plan, if you approve. This is particularly helpful when you are relying on your team members to fill in the details of tasks that are needed for their areas of expertise.

Assignment progress updates When you send a request for progress information, team members respond by updating their assignment-tracking information according to the tracking method set up by you and the project server administrator. They might update percent complete on their current assignments, enter total work and remaining work hours on assignments, or enter the number of hours per day or per week on each assignment. These updates are the primary reason for using Project Web Access. They keep your project tracking up-to-date, and you always know the current status of tasks without having to collect and enter the information manually.

You can review and process all these updates from team members at once, using your Project Web Access Updates page within Project Professional. To do this, follow these steps:

Make sure that Project Professional is connected to the project server. Click Collaborate, Update Project Progress. Or, on the Collaborate toolbar, click Update Project Progress.

The Project Web Access Updates page appears in your Project Professional workspace. All updates submitted by team members are listed in the table. Review each item and then click Accept. Or, if you want to accept all updates in the table at once, click Accept All.

If you prefer, you can review and process your updates directly within Project Web Access, as follows:

1 In your Web browser, log on to Project Web Access.

Whenever you have updates waiting for you, they're listed on the Project Web Access Home page. You can click the link to go directly to the update.

2 In the blue navigation bar, click Updates.

The Updates page appears, listing all updates that have been submitted and are awaiting processing. If there are no updates, the page says so (see Figure 22-36).

Update Project Progress

Update Project Progress

Figure 22-36. Review any updates submitted by your team members on the Updates page.

3 Review each item and then click Accept. Or, if you want to accept all updates in the table at once, click Accept All.

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