Project Managers Assistant Organizes Drawings for Construction Projects

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Originally created for the construction industry, Project Manager's Assistant, CS Project Lite, and CS Project Professional from Crest Software (www. are useful for any industry that uses a lot of drawings.

Essentially, these are database products that help you track drawings, issue copies, develop production plans, and manage changes over the life of the project. Although the product doesn't integrate directly to Project, it's an additional software product that might prove useful to many project managers — and it does integrate to any ODBC (open database connectivity) database.

Graphic designers and new product designers who generate drawings can catalog them here. If you manage scientific or engineering projects, you might also find this software useful for managing schematics or diagrams. By placing links to this database in your Project plan, you can make this information available to your project team.

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Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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