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I am a firm believer that you should make things easy on yourself. If you like to noodle around with your task list for a project in Excel, you shouldn't have to retype everything into Project to build a Project plan. For that reason, Microsoft has provided an Excel Task List template. This template, located in the Microsoft Office template folder, can be opened from Excel.

The template provides four Excel worksheets, as shown in Figure 4-4, in which you can enter tasks, resources, and resource assignments, and then export that data from Excel to Project.

Figure 4-4:

The first three tabs are for entering data; the next one provides information about Project.

Figure 4-4:

The first three tabs are for entering data; the next one provides information about Project.

Project 2007 Task Information

Follow these steps to use this template:

1. In Excel, open the template called Microsoft Project Task List Import Template.

2. Fill in information about Tasks, Resources, and Dates in the appropriate columns, and then save the file.

3. Open Project and choose FileOOpen.

The Open dialog box appears.

4. Locate the Excel Project Template file you just saved and then click Open.

The Import Wizard appears.

5. Click Next to begin the wizard.

6. Choose the second option, Project Excel Template, for the format of the data you're importing. Then click Next.

7. On the next wizard screen, choose the method for importing the file.

You can import the file As a New Project, to Append the Data to the Active Project, or to Merge the Data into the Active Project. If you choose the third option, you have to create a merge key that delineates how the data should merge with existing tasks.

8. Click Finish.

The project appears with whatever tasks, resources, and assignment information you entered in a project plan format.

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