Examining the critical path

One of the most useful filters is the one called Critical. This displays or highlights all tasks that are on the critical path. If you're running late, knowing which tasks can't slip helps you identify where there is no room for delay — and, conversely, where you can delay noncritical tasks and still meet your deadline. You might use the Critical filter to help you determine how to free up overallocated resources or get a task that's running late back on track.

You can look at the critical path in any Gantt Chart or Network Diagram view. Figure 15-3 shows Gantt Chart view of a project with the critical path highlighted. Figure 15-4 shows Network Diagram view with the same filter applied.

If you need a closer look at task timing, consider modifying the timescale display to use smaller increments of time, such as days or hours. To do so, right-click the timescale itself and then choose Timescale.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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