Figure 6-4 illustrates the most common roadblocks that prevent an organization from completing Level 2. Based upon the strength and longevity of the corporate culture, there could be strong resistance to change. The argument is always, "What we already have works well." The resistance to change stems from the fear that support for a new methodology will result in a shift in the established power and authority relationships.

Another area of resistance is due to the misbelief that a new methodology must be accompanied by rigid policies and procedures, thus once again causing potential changes to the power and authority structure. The final roadblock comes from the fear that "horizontal accounting" will bring to the surface problems that people would prefer to keep hidden, such as poor estimating ability.


• Resistance to a New Methodology

• What We Already Have Works Well

• Believing That a Methodology Needs Rigid Policies and Procedures

• Resistance to "Horizontal" Accounting

Level 2

Common Processes

FIGURE 6-4. Roadblocks to completion of Level 2.

FIGURE 6-4. Roadblocks to completion of Level 2.

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