1. What are some of the major problems facing the management of Hyten in accepting formalized project management? (Include attitude problems/personality problems.)

2. Do any of the managers appear to have valid arguments for their beliefs as to why formal project management should not be considered?

3. Are there any good reasons why Hyten should go to formal project management?

4. Has Hyten taken a reasonable approach toward implementing formal project management?

5. Has Hyten done anything wrong?

6. Should formal project management give employees more room for personal growth?

7. Will formalized project management make it appear as though business development has taken power away from other groups?

8. Were the MBAs exposed to project management?

9. Were the organizational personnel focusing more on the problems (disadvantages) or advantages of project management?

10. What basic fears do employees have in considering organizational change to formal project management?

11. Must management be sold on project management prior to implementation?

12. Is it possible that some of the support groups cannot give immediate attention to such an organizational change?

13. Do functional managers risk a loss of employee loyalty with the new change?

14. What recommendations would you make to Hyten Corporation?

15. Is it easier or more difficult to implement a singular methodology for project management after the company has adopted formal project management rather than informal project management?

16. Is strategic planning for project management easier or more difficult to perform with formal project management in place?

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