1. What are the strengths of FNB?

2. What are the major weaknesses?

3. What is the major problem mentioned above? Defend your answer.

4. How many people did the project manager have to report to?

5. Did the PM remain within vertical structure of the organization?

6. Is there anything wrong if a PM is a previous co-worker of some team members before the team is formed?

7. Who made up the project team?

8. Was there any resistance to the project by company management?

9. Was there an unnecessary duplication of work?

10. Was there an increased resistance to change?

11. Was the communication process slow or fast?

12. Was there an increased amount of paperwork?

13. What are reasonable recommendations?

14. Does the company have any type of project management methodology?

15. Could the existence of a methodology have alleviated any of the above problems?

16. Did the bank perform strategic planning for project management or did it simply rush into the project?

17. Why do organizations rush into project management without first performing strategic planning for project management or, at least, some form of benchmarking against other organizations?

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