1. Was the document given to the sponsor a risk management plan?

2. Did the project manager actually perform effective risk management?

3. Was the appropriate amount of time and money spent identifying the risk events?

4. Should one step be allowed to "dominate" the entire risk management process?

5. Are there any significant benefits to the amount of work already done for risk identification?

6. Should the 100 or so risk events identified have been categorized? If so, how?

7. Can probabilities of occurrence and expected outcomes (i.e., damage) be accurately assigned to 100 risk events?

8. Should a project management methodology provide guidance for the development of a risk management plan?

9. Given the life cycle phases in the case study, in which phase would it be appropriate to identify the risk management plan?

10. What are your feelings on the project manager's comments that he must wait until the prototyping phase to assign probabilities and outcomes?

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