Project Life Cycle

As noted before, the systems and programming staff of ISD has increased in size rapidly and is expected to expand by another 50 percent over the next two years. As a rule, most new employees have previous data processing experience and training in various systems methodologies. ISD management recently implemented a project management system dedicated to providing a uniform step-by-step methodology for the development of management information systems. All project work is covered by tasks that make up the information project development life cycle at FNB. The subphases used by ISD in the project life cycle are:

1. Systems definition a. Project plan b. User requirements c. Systems definition d. Advisability study

2. Systems design and development a. Preliminary systems design b. Subsystems design c. Program design d. Programming and testing

3. System implementation a. System implementation b. System test c. Production control turnover d. User training e. System acceptance

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