Level 3 is the level in which the organization recognizes that synergism and process control can best be achieved through the development of a singular methodology rather than by using multiple methodologies. In this level, the organization is totally committed to the concept of project management. The characteristics of Level 3, as shown in Figure 7-1, are as follows:

• Integrated processes: This is where the organization recognizes that multiple processes can be streamlined into one, integrated process encompassing all other processes. (However, not all companies have the luxury of using a single methodology.)

• Cultural support: Integrated processes create a singular methodology. It is through this singular methodology that exceptional benefits are achieved. The execution of the methodology is through the corporate culture, which now wholeheartedly supports the project management approach. The culture becomes a cooperative culture.

• Management support: In this level, project management support permeates the organization throughout all layers of management. The support is visible. Each layer or level of management understands its role and the support needed to make the singular methodology work.

• Informal project management: With management support and a cooperative culture, the singular methodology is based upon guidelines and checklists, rather than based on the expensive development of rigid policies and procedures. Paperwork is minimized.

FIGURE 7-1. Characteristics of Level 3.

• Training and education: With strong cultural support, the organization realizes financial benefits from project management training. The benefits can be described quantitatively and qualitatively.

• Behavioral excellence: The organization recognizes the behavioral differences between project management and line management. Behavioral training programs are developed to enhance project management skills.

These six characteristics formulate the "hexagon of excellence," as shown in Figure 7-2. These six areas differentiate those companies excellent in project management from those with average skills in project management. Each of the six areas is discussed below.

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