Learning the basics of project management, and even having several employees certified as Project Management Professionals (PMPs), does not guarantee that project management is being used in your organization. Even if it is being used, it may not be used effectively. Level 2 is the stage where an organization makes a concerted effort to use project management and to develop processes and methodologies to support its effective use.

In Level 2, the organization realizes that common methodologies and processes are needed such that managerial success on one project can be repeated on other projects. Also apparent in this level is the fact that certain behavioral expectations of organizational personnel are necessary for the repetitive execution of the methodology. These are the characteristics of Level 2, as shown in Figure 6-1:

• Tangible benefits of using project management must become apparent. The most common benefits include lower cost, shortened schedules, no sacrifice of scope or quality, and the potential for a higher degree of customer satisfaction.

• Project management must be supported throughout all levels of the organization, including the senior levels. It is possible that changes to the corporate culture may be necessary, thus mandating executive support.

• A continuous stream of successfully managed projects requires methodologies and processes that can be used over and over again. This requires an organizational commitment.

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