Level 1 is the level in which the organization first recognizes the importance of project management. The organization may have a cursory knowledge of project management or simply no knowledge at all. There are certain characteristics of Level 1, as shown in Figure 5-1:

• If the organization is using project management at all, the use is sporadic. Both senior management and middle-level management provide meaningless or "lip service" support to the use of project management. Executive-level support is nonexistent.

• There may exist small "pockets" of interest in project management, with most of the interest existing in the project-driven areas of the firm.

• No attempt is made to recognize the benefits of project management. Managers are worried more about their own empires, power, and authority, and appear threatened by any new approach to management.

• Decision-making is based upon what is in the best interest of the decision-maker, rather than the firm as a whole.

• There exists no investment or support for project management training and education for fear that this new knowledge may alter the status quo.

In Level 1, project management is recognized, as in all companies but not fully supported. There is resistance to change and some companies never get beyond this level.

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