Human Resources

Human resources are the knowledge, skills, capabilities, and talent of the firm's employees. This includes the board of directors, managers at all levels, and employees as a whole. The board of directors provides the company with considerable experience, political astuteness, and connections, and possibly sources of borrowing power. The board of directors is primarily responsible for selecting the CEO and representing the best interest of the diverse stakeholders as a whole.

Top management is responsible for developing the strategic mission and making sure that the strategic mission satisfies the shareholders. All too often, CEOs have singular strengths in only one area of business, such as marketing, finance, technology, or production.


Project Management Skills

Tools and Methodologies

Knowledge of Business

Project Resources



Facilities, Equipment, Machinery

Proprietary Knowledge

Special Expertise

FIGURE 3-7. Project resources.

The biggest asset of senior management is its decision-making ability, especially during project planning. Unfortunately, all too often senior management will delegate planning (and the accompanying decision-making process) to staff personnel. This may result in no effective project planning process within the organization and may lead to continuous replanning efforts.

Another important role of senior management is to define clearly its own managerial values and the firm's social responsibility (see Figure 2-1). A change in senior management could result in an overnight change in the organization's managerial values and its definition of its social responsibility. This could require an immediate update of the firm's project management methodology.

Lower and middle management are responsible for developing and maintaining the "core" technical competencies of the firm. Every organization maintains a distinct collection of human resources. Middle management must develop some type of cohesive organization such that synergistic effects will follow. It is the synergistic effect that produces the core competencies that lead to sustained competitive advantages and a high probability of successful project execution.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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