Explanation Of Points For Level

This exercise measures two items: Is your organization performing benchmarking and, if so, are you emphasizing quantitative or qualitative benchmarking?

Quantitative benchmarking investigates improvements to the methodology and processes. Scores greater than 25 are excellent and imply that your organization is committed to quantitative benchmarking. Scores less than 10 indicate a lack of commitment or that the organization does not understand how to benchmark or against whom to benchmark. Scores between 11 and 24 indicate that some benchmarking may be taking place, but a PO or COE is not in place as yet.

Qualitative benchmarking looks more at applications benchmarking and how the culture executes the methodology. Scores greater than 12 are excellent. Scores less than 5 indicate that not enough emphasis is placed upon the "soft side" of benchmarking. Scores between 6 and 11 are marginally acceptable.

Combined scores (i.e., quantitative and qualitative) of 37 or more imply that your organization is performing benchmarking well. The right information is being considered and the right companies are being targeted. The balance between quantitative and qualitative benchmarking is good. The company probably has a COE or PO in place.

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