Assessment Instrument For Level

Level 2, common processes, is the process definition level. Level 2 can be fulfilled by recognizing the different life cycle phases of Level 2.

The following 20 questions explore how mature you believe your organization to be in regard to Level 2 and the accompanying life cycle phases of Level 2. Beside each question you will circle the number that corresponds to your opinion. In the example below, your choice would have been "Slightly Agree."

- 3 Strongly Disagree

-2 Disagree

-1 Slightly Disagree

0 No Opinion

(+1 Slightly Agree

+2 Agree

( 3 Strongly Agree

The row of numbers from -3 to +3 will be used later for evaluating the results. After answering Question 20, you will grade the exercise.


The following 20 questions involve Level 2 maturity. Please answer each question as honestly as possible. Circle the answer you feel is correct.

My company recognizes the need for project management. This need is recognized at all levels of management including senior management. My company has a system in place to manage both cost and schedule. The system requires charge numbers and cost account codes. The system reports variances from planned targets. (—3

My company has recognized the benefits that are possible from implementing project management. These benefits have been recognized at all levels of management, including senior management.

My company (or division) has a well-definable project management methodology using life cycle phases.

Our executives visibly support project management through executive presentations, correspondence, and by occasionally attending project team meetings/briefings.

My company is committed to quality up-front planning. We try to do the best we can at planning.

Our lower- and middle-level line managers totally and visibly support the project management process. My company is doing everything possible to minimize "creeping" scope (i.e., scope changes) on our projects. Our line managers are committed not only to project management, but also to the promises made to project managers for deliverables.

The executives in my organization have a good understanding of the principles of project management. (

My company has selected one or more project management software packages

to be used as the project tracking system.

12. Our lower- and middle-level line managers have been trained and educated in project management.

13. Our executives both understand project sponsorship and serve as project sponsors on selected projects.

14. Our executives have recognized or identified the applications of project management to various parts of our business.

15. My company has successfully integrated cost and schedule control for both managing projects and reporting status.

16. My company has developed a project management curriculum (i.e., more than one or two courses) to enhance the project management skills of our employees.

17. Our executives have recognized what must be done in order to achieve maturity in project management.

18. My company views and treats project management as a profession rather than a part-time assignment.

19. Our lower- and middle-level line managers are willing to release their employees for project management training.

20. Our executives have demonstrated a willingness to change our way of doing business in order to mature in project management.

Now turn to Exhibit 2 and grade your answers.

Exhibit 2

Each response you circled in Questions 1-20 had a column value between —3 and + 3. In the appropriate spaces below, place the circled value (between —3 and +3) beside each question.

Embryonic Executive Line Management


Growth Maturity


Transpose your total score in each category to the table below by placing an "X" in the appropriate area.


Life Cycle Phases













+ 12



Line Management





High scores (usually +6 or greater) for a life cycle phase indicate that these evolutionary phases of early maturity have been achieved or at least you are now in this phase. Phases with very low numbers have not been achieved yet. Consider the following scores:

Embryonic: + 8

Executive: +10

Line management: + 8

This result indicates that you have probably completed the first three stages and are now entering the growth phase. Keep in mind that the answers are not always this simple because companies can achieve portions of one stage in parallel with portions of a second or third phase.

0 0

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