Advancement Criteria

There are five key actions required before the organization can advance to Level 2. They are:

• Arrange for initial training and education in project management.

• Encourage the training (or hiring) of certified project management professionals (PMPs).

• Encourage employees to begin communicating in common project management language.

• Recognize available project management tools.

• Develop an understanding of the principles of project management: the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK).

The last item may prove the most difficult in non-project-driven organizations where project management is not regarded as a profession.

The successful completion of Level 1 usually occurs with a medium degree of difficulty. The time period to complete Level 1 could be measured in months or years, based upon such factors as:

• Type of company (project-driven versus non-project-driven)

• Size and nature of the projects

• Amount of executive support

• Visibility of executive support

• Strength of the existing corporate culture

• Previous experience, if any, with project management

• Corporate profitability

• Economic conditions (inflation, recession, etc.)

• The speed by which training can be accomplished

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