Advancement Criteria

There are four key actions required by the organization to advance to Level 5, the final level. These actions are as follows:

• Create an organization dedicated to benchmarking.

• Develop a project management benchmarking process.

• Decide what to benchmark and against whom to benchmark.

• Recognize the benefits of benchmarking.


• Not Invented Here


• Wrong Industry to

Benchmark Against

• Fearful of What Results Will Be Found

• Resistance to Change

FIGURE 8-5. Roadblocks to completion of Level 4.

FIGURE 8-5. Roadblocks to completion of Level 4.

The successful completion of Level 4 is accompanied by a low degree of difficulty. Since the organization has already accepted the idea of a singular methodology, it is a low risk to expect the employees to accept changes. They now know that change is inevitable.

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