The Project Sponsor

It is clear that the business case has to be prepared before the project can be started. Indeed, the business case is the first document to be submitted to the directorate of an organization to enable this body to discuss the purpose and virtues of the project before making any financial commitments. It follows therefore that the person responsible for producing the business case cannot normally be the project manager but must therefore be someone who has a direct interest in the project going ahead. This person, who is often a director of the client's organization with a special brief to oversee the project, is the project sponsor.

The role of the project sponsor is far greater than being the initiator or champion of the project. Even after the project has started the sponsor's role is to:

1 monitor the performance of the project manager

2 constantly ensure that the projects objectives and main criteria are met

3 ensure that the project is run effectively as well as efficiently

4 assess the need and viability of variations and agree to their implementation

5 assist in smoothing out difficulties with other stakeholders

6 support the project by ensuring sufficient resources (especially financial) are available

7 act as business leader and top level advocate to the company board

8 ensure that the perceived benefits of the project are realized.

Depending on the value, size and complexity of the project the sponsor is a key player who, as a leader and mentor, can greatly assist the project manager to meet all the project's objectives and key performance indicators.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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