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Planning in its own right does not exist. It is always associated with another activity or operation, i.e. design planning, construction planning, production planning, etc. It is logical, therefore, that a design planner should be or should have been a designer, a construction planner should be familiar with construction methods and techniques, and a production planner should be knowledgeable in the process and manufacturing operations of production - whether it be steelwork, motors cars or magazines.

As long as the specialist planner has graduated from one of the accepted engineering disciplines and is familiar with the problems of a particular project, a realistic network will probably be produced. By calling in specialists to advise him in the fields with which he is not completely conversant, he can ensure that the network will be received with confidence by all the interested parties.

The real problem arises when the planner has not the right background, i.e. when he has not spent a period on a drawing board or has not experienced the hold-ups and frustrations of a construction site. Strangely enough, the less familiar a planner is with the job he is planning, the less he is inclined to seek help. This may well be due to his inability to ask the right questions, or he may be reluctant to discuss technical matters for fear or revealing his own lack of knowledge. One thing is certain, a network which is not based on sound technical knowledge is not realistic, and an unrealistic network is dangerous and costly, since decisions may well be made for the wrong reasons.

All that has been said so far is a truism which can be applied not only to planning but to any human activity where experts are necessary in order to achieve acceptable results. However, in most disciplines it does not take long for the effects of an inexperienced assistant to be discovered, mainly because the results of his work can be monitored and assessed within a relatively short time period. In planning, however, the effects of a programme decision may not be felt for months, so that it may be very difficult to ascertain the cause of the subsequent problem or failure.

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Project Management Made Easy

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