The advantages of a Lester diagram are:

1 Faster to draw than precedence diagram - about the same speed as an arrow diagram;

2 As in a precedence diagram,

• total Float is vertical difference

• free Float is horizontal difference;

3 Room under arrow for Duration and Total Float value;

4 Logic lines can cross the activity arrows;

5 Requires less space on paper when drafting the network;

6 Good for examinations due to speedy drafting and elimination of node boxes;

7 Can be updated for progress by 'redding' up activity arrows as arrow diagram;

8 Uses same procedures for computer inputting as precedence networks;

9 Output from computer similar to precedence network;

10 Can be used on a grid;

11 Less chance of error when calculating backward pass due to all lines emanating from one node point instead of one of four sides of a rectangular node;

12 Shows activity as flow lines rather than points in time;

13 Looks like an arrow diagram, but is in fact more like a precedence diagram;

14 No risk of individual link lines being merged into a thick black line when printed out.

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