Stages of completion

If particular parts of the site have to be completed earlier than others (i.e. if the work has to be handed over to the client in well-defined stages), it is essential that each stage is programmed separately. There will, of course, be interfaces and links with preceding and succeeding stages, but within these boundaries the network should be self-contained. Advantages:

(a) Attention is drawn to activities requiring early completion;

(b) Predictions for completion of each stage are made more quickly;

(c) Resources can be deployed more efficiently;

(d) Temporary shut-off and blanking-off operations can be highlighted.

In most cases a site network is in fact a combination of a number of the above subdivisions. For example, if the boiler plant and water treatment plant are required first to service an existing operational unit, it would be prudent to draw a network which is based on operational systems but incorporating also stages of completion. In practice, geographical proximity would almost certainly be equally relevant since the water treatment plant and boiler plant would be adjacent.

It must be emphasized that the networks shown in Figures 13.1 to 13.4 are representative only and do not show the necessary inter-relationships or degree of detail normally shown on a practical construction network. The oversimplication on these diagrams may in fact contradict some of the essential requirements discussed in other sections of this book, but it is hoped that the main point, i.e. the differences between the various types of construction network formats, has been highlighted.

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