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Many projects and indeed most construction projects inevitably affect the community in whose area they are carried out. It is vital therefore to inform the residents in the affected areas as early as possible of the intent, purpose and benefits to the organization and community of the project.

This may require a public relations campaign to be initiated which includes meetings, exploratory discussions, consultations at various levels and possible trade-offs. This is particularly important when public funding from central or local government is involved or when public spaces and access facilities are affected. A typical example of a trade-off is when a developer wishes to build a shopping centre, the local authority may demand that it should include a recreation area or leisure park for free use by the public.

Some projects cannot be even started without first being subjected to a public enquiry, environmental impact assessment, route surveys or lengthy planning procedures. There are always pressure groups who have a special interest in a particular project and it is vital that these are given the opportunity to state their case while at the same time informing them of the positive and often less desirable implications. The ability to listen to their points of view and give sympathetic attention to their grievances is essential, but as it is almost impossible to satisfy all the parties, compromises may be necessary. The last thing a project manager wants are constant demonstrations and disruptions while the project is being carried out.

On another level, the whole object of the project may be to enhance the environment and facilities of the community, in which case the involvement of local organizations can be very helpful in focusing on areas which give the maximum benefit and avoiding pitfalls which only people with local knowledge are aware of. A useful method to ensure local involvement is to set up advisory committees or even invite a local representative to be part of the project management team.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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