Safetybound Project

Apart from the obvious examples of public transport given previously, safety is a factor that is required by law and enshrined in the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Not only must safe practices be built into every project, but constant monitoring is an essential element of a safety policy. To that extent it could be argued that all projects are safety-bound, since if it became evident after an accident that safety was sacrificed for speed or profitability, some or all of the project stakeholders could find themselves in real trouble, if not in jail.

A serious accident which may kill or injure people will not only cause anguish among the relatives, but, while not necessarily terminating the project, could very well destroy the company. For this reason the 'S' symbol when shown in the middle of the project management triangle gives more emphasis of its importance (see Figure 1.2).

It can be seen therefore that the priorities can change with the political or commercial needs of the client even within the life cycle of the project, and the project manager has to constantly evaluate these changes to determine the new priorities. Ideally, all the main criteria should be met (and indeed on many well-run projects, this is the case), but there are times when the project manager, with the agreement of the sponsor or client, has to take difficult decisions to satisfy the best interests of most, if not all, the stakeholders.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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