Quality plan

This is also a contract specific document which can vary in content and size greatly from company to company. As a general rule it defines in great detail:

1 The processes to be employed;

2 The hold points of each production process;

3 The tests to be carried out for different materials and components. These include:

• dimensional checks and weight checks

• material tests (physical and chemical)

• non-destructive tests (radiography, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, etc.)

• pressure tests

• electrical tests (voltage, current, resistance, continuity, etc.)

• qualification and capability tests for operatives;

4 The control documents including reports and concession requests;

5 The standards to be applied for the different components;

6 The method of inspection;

7 The percentage of items or processes (such as welds) to be checked;

8 The inspection authorities, whether internal, external or statutory;

9 The acceptance criteria for the tests and checks.

Most organizations have their own standards and test procedures but it may additionally be required to comply with client's quality standards. A sample quality plan of components of a boiler is shown in Figure 17.2

The quality plan is part of the project management plan and because of its size, is usually attached as an appendix.

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