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1. Project Manager:


Date of Appointment:_

2. Project Title:_

3. Responsibility and Authority given to the Project Manager:

The above named Project Manager has been given the authority, responsibility and accountability for_

4. Project Goals and Deliverables are:

5. The Project will be reviewed.

6. Financial Authority:

The Project Manager's delegated financial powers are:_

7. Intramural Resources:

The following resources have been/are to be made available:

8. Trade-offs:

b: Time:_days/weeks.

c: Performance:_

9. Charter Review: No charter review is expected to take place for the duration of this project unless it becomes clear that the PM cannot fulfil his/her duties or a reassessment of the trade-offs is required.

10. Approved:

Sponsor/Client/Customer/Programme Manager:_

Project Manager:_

Line Manager:_

11. Distribution:

a: Sponsor; b: Programme Manager; c: Line Manager

Figure 2.1 Project Manager's charter an office can assist greatly in the seamless integration of all the project systems and would also prepare programs, schedules, progress reports, cost analyses, quality reports and a host of other useful tasks which would otherwise have to be carried out by the project manager himself (see also Chapter 10).

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