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Projects are influenced by a multitude of factors which can be external or internal to the organization responsible for its management and execution. The important thing for the project manager is to recognize what these factors are and how they impact on the project during the various phases from inception to final handover, or even disposal.

These external or internal influences are known as the project context or project environment. The external factors making up this environment are the client or customer, various external consultants, contractors, suppliers, competitors, politicians, national and local government agencies, public utilities, pressure groups, the end users and even the general public. Internal influences include the organization's management, the project team, internal departments, (technical and financial) and possibly the shareholders. Figure 4.1 illustrates the project surrounded by its external environment. All these influences are neatly encapsulated by the acronym PESTLE, which stands for

• Environmental

A detailed discussion of these areas of influence is given below.

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