Methods And Procedures

Methods and procedures are the very framework of project management, which are necessary throughout the life cycle of the project. All the relevant procedures and processes are set out in the project management plan where they are customized to suit the particular project.

Methods and procedures should be standardized within an organization to ensure that project managers do not employ their own pet methods or 'reinvent the wheel'.

All the organization's standard methods and procedures as well as some of the major systems and processes should be enshrined in a company project manual. This should then be read and signed by every project manager who will then be familiar with the company systems and thus avoid wasteful and costly duplication. The main contents of such a manual are the methods and procedures covering:

• Company policy and mission statement

• Company organization and organization chart

• Accountability and responsibilities

• Estimating

• Risk analysis

• Planning and network analysis

• Earned value management

• Resource management

• Change management (change control)

• Configuration management

• Procurement (bid preparation, purchasing, expediting, inspection, shipping)

• Contract management and documentation

• Quality management and control

• Value management and value engineering

• Issue management

• Design standards

• Information management and document distribution

• Communication

• Health and Safety

• Conflict management

• Close out requirements and reviews.

It will be seen that this list is very comprehensive but in every case a large proportion of the documentation required can be standardized. There are always situations where a particular method or procedure has to be tailored to suit the circumstances or where a system has to be simplified, but the standards set out in the manual form a baseline which acts as a guide for any necessary modification.

Certain UK government departments, a number of local authorities and other public bodies have adopted a project management methodology called PRINCE 2 (an acronym for Projects in a controlled Environment). This was developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) for IT and government contracts, but has not found favour in the construction industry due to a number of differences in approach to reporting procedures, management responsibilities and assessing durations with respect to resources.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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