The first quality standards were produced in the USA for the military as MIL-STD and subsequently used by NATO.

In the 1970s, the MOD issued the Defence Standard series 05 to 20 (Def Std) based on the American MIL-Q-9858A. but was then superseded by 15 parts of the Allied Quality Assurance Publication (AOAP).

Defence contractors and other large companies adopted the MOD system until in 1979 BSI produced the BS 5750 series of Quality Systems. These were updated in 1987 and then became an international standard (ISO). ISO 9000:1987 series which also cover the European standard E 29000 series.

To understand the subject, it is vital that the definitions of the various quality functions are understood. These are summarized in the following list and explained more fully in the subsequent pages.

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