Geographical proximity

It may be considered useful to group together activities which are geographically close to each other without further segregation into types or trades. This is shown in Figure 13.3.

Establish RACK Shutter & Cast Erect Lay

Osite ,—-^excavate,—^ reinf. ^^ founds steel pipes

J Deliver \

machines \

PUMPS Shutter Cast I Erect H. Erect L. Electric^ ,nstrument excavate^- reinf. ^^ founds Jkmachines,^machines^^ connect

^ ■ ucu 1— ^ Instrument reinf. ^^ founds ^ï^machines^^machines^^ connect ^^

O—<J—<J—KJ—<J—<J—*v i \ i i______ . . . i

POND level Excavate Shutter \concrete ground pond reinf. pond p|p|ng Testing commlsslon d pond reinf. pond Testing

roads footpaths

,excavate^^ founds structurefinishes Panels o

struct gear --f A

excavate^^ founds ,-^structure^^ finishes Panels^^ Sparks

O gear cables f-L

Figure 13.2 Trades and disciplines

Pumps A

Excavate founds

Excavate Set






Build pier

Erect founds^^^ pier exchangerTest

Excavate Construct base

O founds base ^^ Erect Test


Grade area


O area ^^ base kerbs Concrete 1

Level ground


Construct sleepers

Lay Connect\ Connect

Figure 13.3 Geographical proximity

Grade Excavate pump Erect area founds pumps



Test run

Oare^ AA founds pumps run ^^

Excavate exch Erect *

founds ^^exchange^^^^ Test Piping Electrics tExcavate pump Erect ,es.

Test run

Excavate vessel founds

Erect *

vessel Test Piping Electrics

Figure 13.4 Operational system


(a) Makes a specific area self-contained and eases control;

(b) Coincides frequently with natural subdivision on site for construction management.

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