Because float is such an important part of network analysis and because it is frequently quoted -or misquoted - by computer protagonists as another reason why computers must be used, a special discussion of the subject may be helpful to those readers not too familiar with its use in practice.

Of the three types of float shown on a printout, i.e. the total float, free float and independent float, only the first - the total float - is in general use. Where resource smoothing is required, a knowledge of free float can be useful, since it is the activities with free float that can be moved backwards or forwards in time without affecting any other activities. Independent float, on the other hand, is really quite a useless piece of information and should be suppressed (when possible) from any computer printout. Of the many managers, site engineers or planners interviewed, none has been able to find a practical application of independent float.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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