Some of the environmental aspects of a project have already been alluded to under 'Social', from which it became apparent that environmental impact assessments are highly desirable where they are not already mandatory.

The location of the project clearly has an enormous influence on the cost and completion time. The same type of plant or factory can be constructed in the UK, the Sahara desert, in China or even on an offshore platform, but the problems, costs and construction times can be very different. The following considerations must therefore be taken into account when deciding to carry out a project in a particular area of the world:

• Temperature (daytime and night) at different seasons

• Rainy seasons (monsoon)

• Tornado or typhoon seasons

• Ground conditions and earthquake zones

• Possible ground contamination

• Nearby rivers and lakes

• Is the project on-shore or off-shore?

• Tides and storm conditions

• Nearby quarries for raw materials

• Does the project involve the use of radioactive materials?

Most countries now have strict legislation to prevent or restrict emissions of polluting substances whether solids, liquids or gases. In addition noise restrictions may apply at various times and cultural or religious laws may prohibit work at specified times or on special days in the year.

The following list is a very small sample of over 15 000 web pages covering European Economic Community EEC directives and gives some idea of the regulations which may have to be followed when carrying out a project.

EC Directive 85/337/EEC Environmental impact assessment

97/11/EEC Assessment of effects on certain public & private projects

92/43/EEC Chapter 4 Environment

86/278/EEC Protection of the environment

90/313/EEC Sustainable development

90/679/EEC Substances hazardous to health

79/409/EEC Conservation of natural habitats

96/82/EEC COMAH (Control of major accident hazards)

91/156/EEC Control of pollution

87/217/EEC Air pollution

89/427/EEC Air pollution

80/779/EEC Air quality limit values

75/442/EEC Ozone depleting substances

89/427/EEC Quality limit of sulphur dioxide 80/1268/EEC Fuel & CO2 emissions

91/698/EEC Hazardous waste

78/659/EEC Quality standard of water

80/68/EEC Ground water directive

80/778/EEC Spring waters

89/336/EEC Noise emissions

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