The Infosys Development Process

During project planning, a project manager must decide what process should be used for engineering the software. This is a crucial issue because much of the engineering activity will be governed by this decision. It is like going on a long driving trip—the planned route determines the course you will drive.

Several process models for software development exist. The most common ones include the waterfall model (a description of this model and its limitations can be found in Boehm's Software Engineering Economics i), iterative enhancement,2 prototyping,3 and spiral.4 The most widely used model is the waterfall model, which organizes the phases in a linear sequence, although most implementations adapt this model to minimize its shortcomings.

At a macro level, a standard process can give the optimum organization of phases for a class of projects and makes a good starting point for process definition. However, a standard process cannot be suitable for all situations; the best process may be a variation on a standard process. Hence, to decide which process to use, the project manager must select the base process and also decide how it must be tailored to obtain a process that will suit the project. The rest of this section discusses the standard development process used at Infosys and explains how it is tailored by project managers.

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