Undertake a postimplementation review

A post-implementation review (PIR) is an assessment of the overall success of the project. The PIR is conducted by closely reviewing the project's performance against the original plans, and conformance against the project management processes defined for the project. The purpose of the PIR is not only to assess the project's level of success but also to identify lessons learnt and make recommendations for future projects to enhance their likelihood of success. The PIR results are recorded in a document which is retained by the business as the last record of the project. The PIR document includes:

• an assessment of how the project performed against the objectives, scope, deliverables, schedule, expense and resource targets identified during the project initiation and project planning phases;

• a rating of the level of conformance against each of the project processes including time, cost, quality, change, risk, issue, procurement, communications and acceptance management;

• a list of the project achievements and failures;

• any lessons learnt and recommendations for future projects.

The PIR is undertaken at the end of the project closure phase, after the project closure report has been approved and all project closure activities completed. Some companies wait a number of weeks before undertaking the PIR, to enable the benefits provided by the project to be fully realized by the business. The PIR is typically completed by an independent person who offers an unbiased opinion of the project's level of success. The PIR is presented to the project sponsor/customer for approval and is retained on file for future projects.

Review project performance

To undertake a PIR, first identify how the project performed against each of the targets set during the initiation and planning phases of the project.

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