Identify the extent to which the project achieved the objectives specified in the TOR, as well as any shortfall, in Table 5.9.

Table 5.9 Objectives achieved

Objective category

Original objective

Actual achievement



• To deliver new accounts payable and receivable and payroll processes, thereby reducing financial processing timescales by at least 30%.

• To build new work premises with 50% more space, 30 more car parks and 20% fewer operational costs than the existing premises.

• To provide a new customer complaints service to enable customers to issue complaints online and receive a direct response from the company within 24 hours.




• To install a new accounts payable, receivable and payroll system, resulting in a 20% improvement in accounting efficiencies.

• To relocate existing technology infrastructure at the new building premises within a 2-month timeframe with no impact on customer service delivery.

• To build a new website allowing customers to track customer complaints.



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