Issue roles

The following roles and responsibilities are involved with the management of issues within the project.

Issue originator

The issue originator identifies a project issue, documents the issue by completing an issue form and submits the issue form to the project manager for review.

Project manager

The project manager receives each issue form and monitors the progress of all issues within the project. The project manager is responsible for:

• receiving all issue forms and identifying whether the issue is appropriate to the project;

• recording all issues in the issue register and monitoring its status thereafter;

• presenting all issues to the project review group;

• communicating all decisions made by the project review group;

• monitoring the progress of all actions assigned.

Project review group

The project review group assesses each issue raised and approves a set of actions to resolve them. The project review group is responsible for:

• regularly reviewing all issues recorded in the issue register;

• identifying issues which require change requests and/or project risks to be raised;

• approving issue resolution actions;

• closing issues which no longer impact on the project.

Project team

The project team undertake all issue resolution actions delegated by the project review group.

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