Issue management process

An issue management process is a method by which issues that are currently affecting the ability of the project to produce the required deliverables are formally managed. The process entails completing a variety of review methods to assess the level of impact that the issue is having on the project. A number of actions are then taken to resolve or reduce the issue as appropriate. The issue process is used to ensure that every issue identified is formally communicated, documented, monitored, reviewed and resolved.

Although the issue process is undertaken during the execution phase of the project, issues may be identified at any stage of the project life cycle. In theory, any issue identified during the life of the project will need to be managed under the issue management process. Without an issue process in place, unforeseen issues may negatively affect the ability of the project to achieve the stated objectives.

The issue management process is terminated only when the execution phase is complete. Figure 4.9 describes the processes and procedures to be undertaken to identify, document, prioritize and resolve issues within the project. Where applicable, issue roles have also been identified.

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Project Management Made Easy

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