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An RFI is a document which is issued by a project to a wide group of potential suppliers to enable them to describe how they will meet the procurement requirements of the project, as documented in the SOW. The RFI requests that the suppliers provide summarized information regarding their:

• company size, industry;

• offering, products, training, documentation, support;

• approach, timeframes, pricing.

The RFI is issued along with the SOW to enable interested suppliers to understand the procurement requirements and provide them with the means of registering formal interest in the supply of product to the project. After issuing the RFI, a supplier shortlist is selected by the project team. The short-listed suppliers are then provided with an RFP tender document, which requests a detailed proposal from each supplier, describing how it intends to meet the procurement needs of the project.

The RFP is very similar to the RFI. The key differentiator is that the RFI requires summarized information from each supplier to select a short-list of potential suppliers, whereas the RFP requires a detailed proposal from each supplier to enable the project team to select a preferred supplier. In some instances (especially for small projects) it may only be necessary to issue an RFI to select a preferred supplier. However in most cases a detailed proposal is required through the RFP process to make the preferred supplier decision.

The following sections list and describe the components of an RFI, giving real-life examples where appropriate.

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