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A project closure report is a document which formalizes the closure of a project. It provides confirmation that the criteria for customer acceptance have been met and requests sign-off from the project sponsor to close the project. A project closure report includes:

• a detailed list of project completion criteria;

• confirmation that all completion criteria have been met;

• a list of outstanding business activities, risks and issues;

• a set of actions to hand over project deliverables and documentation, terminate supplier agreements, release resources to the business and inform stakeholders of the closure;

• A request for project closure approval.

A project closure report is prepared at the start of the project closure phase by the project manager and is submitted to the project sponsor for sign-off. Following sign-off, a suite of closure activities are undertaken to formally close out the project. The following sections describe how to create a project closure report, providing tables and reallife examples used for projects.

Validate the project completion

This section confirms that the criteria required to complete the project have been met and that any outstanding items have been identified.

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