Create A Project Plan

The project plan is the central document by which the project is formally managed. A project plan lists the activities, tasks and resources required to complete a project and realize the business benefits outlined in the business case. A typical project plan includes:

• a description of the major phases undertaken to complete the project;

• a schedule of the activities, tasks, durations, dependencies, resources and timeframes;

• a list of the assumptions and constraints identified during the planning process. To create a project plan, the following steps are undertaken:

• Reiterate the project scope.

• Identify the project milestones, phases, activities and tasks.

• Quantify the effort required for each task.

• Allocate project resource to each task.

• Construct a project schedule.

• List any planning dependencies, assumptions and constraints.

Although a summarized project plan will already have been specified in the business case, a detailed project plan is not created until the scope has been defined within the terms of reference and the key members of the project team have been appointed. The completion of the detailed project plan is the first step in the project planning phase, prior to the creation of a quality plan and the appointment of a preferred supplier.

The project plan is constantly referenced throughout the project. During project execution, the project manager tracks task completion, effort spent and total cost using the project plan. He or she also uses it to forecast completion dates for each activity and ensure that the project is delivered to schedule. During project closure, the project manager will ensure that all planned activities have been completed as listed in the project plan. An independent party will then review the project plan to determine whether the project delivered within the estimates agreed with the customer.

The following sections describe in plain text how to create a project plan for your project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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