Completion criteria

The first step towards initiating project closure is to confirm that the project completion criteria have been achieved. List the project completion criteria in Table 5.1 and for each criterion listed, confirm whether or not it has been approved by the customer.

Table 5.1 Completion criteria

Completion category

Completion criterion

Accepted by customer


The project vision has been achieved as defined in the terms of reference

All project objectives have been achieved as defined in the terms of reference



The full benefits have been realized, as defined in the business case



All deliverables have been completed as defined in the terms of reference

All deliverables have been accepted by the customer, as per the acceptance plan


Outstanding items

Even though the project will have met the criteria for completion, there may be outstanding items which still need to be identified and undertaken. For each item, list the actions that should be taken and the owner responsible for each action, using Table 5.2.

Table 5.2 Completion actions





List any outstanding activities or tasks



List any business risks which have not yet been fully mitigated



List any current issues which have not yet been resolved


Next, identify the activities required to close the project. This includes the handover of deliverables and documentation to the customer, termination of supplier contracts, release of project resource back to the business or market place, and the communication of closure to all project stakeholders.

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