A book like this is never just the work of one person, and I want to thank all those who have helped me to create it.

The progenitor of this book was an internal document created during my time as Information Services Quality Manager at Eurotunnel. I must particularly thank my coauthor on that document, Sue German, for all her help, advice and inspiration, and her permission to use it as the seed for this book. I must also thank Dave Pointon and Paul Bassat of Eurotunnel for their encouragement and support during my time there, and for their permission to re-use some of my work.

Two other major contributions came from Mary Hazeltine, who proof-read and improved the English of both editions, and my wife Frances, who has been unceasing in her support and encouragement.

The anecdotes, warnings and examples in this book come from a number of sources, but my close friend Stephen Hazeltine and my father Martin Johnston probably contributed more than their fair share. Both are sadly no longer with us, and their support, humour and inspiration are sadly missed.

Paul Herzlich and Cindy Morelli of Système Evolutif Ltd. contributed to the work at Eurotunnel, and also started me on the book writing trail. They must take their share of the blame! My friends and ex-colleagues Nigel Woodhead and Roger Nickless contributed both ideas and practical assistance to the creation of this book. For their encouragement and practical help in reviewing my work, thanks.

A number of people reviewed this book during its draft stages: Sue, Nigel, Steve, Cindy, David Fletcher and Bill Hetzel for the first edition, Marc Sewell and John Levett for the second edition. Thanks to all of you.

Thanks are also due to my publisher Mike Cash at Butterworth-Heinemann, to Sarah Ward of the same company for her excellent cartoons, and to my sister-in-law Helen

Floate for extending Sarah's work for the second edition.

This book builds, quite unashamedly, on the work of others in the field, for all of whom I have the greatest admiration. To Fred Brooks, Tom DeMarco, Tim Lister, Edward Yourdon and many others - thanks for your ideas!

And finally, thanks and humble apologies to anyone who I have inadvertently missed off the list.

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