Project management applicationin ICT industry

ICT is an acronym for information and communication technology. Regardless of hardware and software, engineers in the industry have confidence in applying project management. The industry is growing rapidly and widely in Japan the size of the market is already four times bigger than the engineering industry over several decades. Likewise, the education and training are based on the orthodox PM paradigm (Yamamoto, 2006).

Despite the enthusiasm, it is worth noting that the owner is unable to warrant to provide the definite requirements and configurations to the contractor. The owner has the limitation of specific capability on ICT system offered by the contractor, and vice versa, the contractor may have little knowledge of business processes because of secrecy. There is no choice but to trust the proposed benefits of investment and proceed to the contract.

Meanwhile, the contractor conducts customization of packaged software to apply the business process by learning disclosed to clients, but the efforts are limited in partial coverage. The extra elaboration is more or less similar to developments in exploiting the fitting spot suited to the client. In the digital transcription to computer program from the analogue work, ICT engineering has even more risk of uncertainty. The additional burden of tasks is likely to result in trial and error developments. To avoid this, experience-based specialization is conducted in area segments of finance, logistics, manufacturing, service, etc. Beyond the extra elaboration, the industry is also faced with the issues of ambiguity of requirement definition and hidden risk of development. The controversy is popular and continuing as the issues are undoubtedly major causes of trouble. The following is the summary:

(a) An institutional gap of information lies between the owner and the contractor.

(b) Although the ICT industry has commonalities with engineering, high hurdles exist in definite job sharing in equal footing.

(c) Project governance is indispensable to control the total lifecycle.

(d) Risk management shall be reviewed and reinforced in project management.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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