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The P2M is a significant contribution to the field of project management and the first guide for project management, recognized by government, professional associations and industry, that directly addressed the issues of enterprise-level project management, taking a systemic view and clearly identifying the role of program and project management in strategy implementation and value creation.

It appears that there is strong support for P2M at enterprise management level in leading Japanese corporations. For P2M to succeed in its stated mission, this level of support must be sustained and strengthened. There needs to be an ongoing partnership that enables the P2M to grow and benefit from feedback as it is applied in practice. Given the apparent reluctance of senior management elsewhere to accept a role for project management at enterprise-level in the strategic and innovative aspects of corporate affairs, maintenance of enterprise-level support for the P2M will be vital.

It is a strength of the P2M that it presents a rich and complex view of project and program management. Although the knowledge guides and performance-based competency standards developed over the last five to ten years are extremely valuable, were excellent when first produced and have filled an important role in making project management accessible to a wider audience, their approach is simplistic and reductionist when compared with the richness and conceptual depth of the P2M. This very strength is, however, a major challenge to the P2M. Widespread adoption of the PMBOKĀ® Guide can be largely attributed to its simple, straightforward approach. It is extremely attractive to a practitioner audience, and particularly to relative novices keen to quickly grasp key aspects of project management knowledge and practice. It may be expected that many will be daunted by the intellectual stimulation and challenge presented by the P2M.

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