The Implementation Plan

The implementation plan, which was developed by the project manager during the design phase, should, at this stage, be approved and communicated to all project stakeholders. A successful project can be ruined by a poor implementation plan. A working implementation schedule should be developed and maintained for all parties to use and agree upon. As the project changes, the project manager must pay close attention to the schedule and update it to reflect the latest changes to the implementation date. This schedule should then be communicated to all project stakeholders.

It is important to publish an initial implementation schedule for each site early in the project. Many members of the deployment project team will reach a point where they cannot until they know the time, sequence, or date of the implementation. Experience has shown that developing a draft implementation schedule early in the project life, rather than later, resolves many problems. The project manager should remember that the implementation plan could be put on hold if the software development is late for whatever reason. However, if the implementation plan cannot be moved and there is no slack in the schedule, the project manager should immediately escalate this risk to the necessary stakeholders.

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