The Business Analyst

The business analyst is a necessary resource for virtually any project. In the majority of cases there are two groups of people who fully appreciate the role of the business analyst: (1) the users for whom the solution is being designed and (2) fellow business analysts. Their relationship with technical developers is confusing at times, as the two groups often battle over what actual requirements the users need and what needs to be developed. This is often a cause for mis-communication and conflict. The project manager therefore needs to facilitate this process and keep these groups focused. The tasks of the business analysts are to

Listen and focus on the user requirements in order to reflect the best interest of the business

Gather information and perform extensive research to support user requirements

Analyze and translate user requests into well-defined documents, which the development group can use and understand. These documents could either be a (1) business case, (2) user requirement statement, or a (3) terms of reference.

Develop process flows, business rules, and procedures that support the user requirements

Recommend solutions that meet the needs of the business

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