Test Cases and Scripts

Test cases are created for the testing effort in order to simulate the products used by the client in a typical day, week, and month of client activity. Subsets of test cases developed for system testing may be used in acceptance testing.

These test scripts should provide information and templates showing how the actual test cases/scripts will be documented. The test cases/scripts document the specific inputs for the test scenarios being used, and their results are required to determine if the transaction is successful or if it results in an error. The format of the test cases/scripts should be developed to allow for the recording of actual results once the test has been run.

For major testing efforts, especially those involving the feeding of test data from one system to another, the progress of test cases should be monitored. In large projects it is common to use an automated test management tool. If an automated tool is not available, a spreadsheet should be created to track the progress of test cases. The current status on all defects should be made available and be updated at regular test meetings.


Once the project manager has been assigned to the project, it is very likely he or she will learn how important funding and cash flow are to an organization for those projects that have approved funding. Certain organizations require that the allocated project funds be spent before their financial year is complete, as these funds cannot be rolled over to the following financial year. The remaining organizations do not follow this process and allow for financial rollovers. When working with the budget, the project manager needs to determine which plan the company is using. The project manager needs to process the necessary equipment lists and resources and put them into the financial process. By this stage, the project budget is fixed and the project's success is measured against the cash flow and also meeting the budget. It's no use having the budget but waiting until the end to try to spend it.

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