Technical Support Training

Before implementing a project for a client, the project manager should be sure that the client IT operational support staff are adequately trained and knowledgeable on the technical support issues of the system being commissioned. After all, the IT support staff are responsible for maintaining the various technologies and platforms once the project is handed over. Table 8.1 displays the various levels of support that a project manager should discuss with the support staff prior to project implementation.

Table 8.1: Sup

port levels that need to be accommodated

Support Level

Focuses on

Level 1

Basic setup and restoration of functions. Can be performed in-house.

Level 2

Intermediate-level repairs within IT department. Can be performed in-house.

Level 3

Complex technical support required with the solution provider/supplier.

It is sometimes the project manager's responsibility to see that certain members of a client help desk operation (who deal mainly with technical queries and problems) are also provided with technical training to assist those individuals who may have problems with the newly commissioned IT system. It is not always sufficient to provide only training for the client staff. Some of the necessary items to provide in addition to the training are

? Proper maintenance manuals, including checklists, for each level of support ? An approved and relevant service level agreement (SLA) contract between supplier/client ? An approved contingency plan

? Sufficient quantities of spare parts held for all critical items likely to fail

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