Strategic Requirements

It is essential that the results of the project analysis be captured, as a formal expression of business needs. Specifying business requirements from a strategic perspective is not easy and it demands considerable skill, creativity, and breadth of vision. Additionally, having the necessary experience and knowledge of the specific business environment assists executives in formulating the strategy. If this cannot be performed, managers may want to consider using an independent, objective third party that has demonstrated its capability in prior strategy engagements. This third party is basically brought in by an executive team to facilitate and help document business requirements. There are significant advantages to this, and many organizations are even working in this way with strategic alliance partners as well. It encourages shared-risk and partnership-style relationships.

The majority of company staff will have a limited understanding of business strategy (let alone IT strategy) as it is a difficult art to master. The following suggestions will assist executives and project managers alike in attaining some perspective on strategy.

• Attend conferences and seminars on strategy.

• Join professional associations.

• Read publications on strategy.

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